Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. commissioned a phase i environmental study in 1994 (Emcon) Which was followed by a 2000 Phase 1 and Phase 2 study by Formosa Plastics Corp. and subsequently a Phase 2 study by CEMUS, LLC (Ecosciences). There were not any contaminants of concern identified as a result of any of these studies. The fact that this site has been found to not have any environmental regulatory issues is because the raw material, bauxite, is an innocuous material, essentially red dirt from the island of Jamaica. Additionally, the other materials used' in the process' of producing alumina do not contain any constituents that might result in any contamination of the soil or groundwater at the site.

The waste material from the site, which is not, by definition, a hazardous material was transported from the site and is stored elsewhere. There has not been any subsequent use of this site.

Full testing data available upon request.